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NZ Bar Music Video System
1. See You Again Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth
2. Bloodstream Ed Sheeran & Rudimental
3. Lean On Major Lazer, MO & DJ Snake
4. Lay Me Down Sam Smith
5. Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran
6. FourFiveSeconds Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney
7. Sugar Maroon 5
8. Cheerleader OMI
9. Bills Lunchmoney Lewis
10. Want To Want Me Jason Derulo

Bar, Restaurant, Cafe Jukebox Music & Video Systems In NZ bar, restaurant, hotel or cafe music systems

AMS are NZ's Hospitality music experts. We proudly supply our Music System service to more Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and Cafes around New Zealand than any other computer based provider. You'll get all the advanced features you should expect and a few extras too. Our software is stable, reliable and easy to use and we exclusively use the world's number 1 computer hardware company HP.  Our systems are great for background music plus it has all the features your DJ/VJ will want. You can expect quality sound and pictures from AMS, the company passionate about music for NZ's nightlife. We'll give you HDMI output or whatever your chosen Audio Visual company specifies.

Increase Your Customer Stay Times With An AMS Music System getting your music right 

Getting the right background and foreground music is crucial.  It helps make your customers and guests feel comfortable.  As a result they are likely to stay longer, and better still, return.

Leaving your music system to professionals, like AMS, makes sense.  It frees up you and your staff to get on with your core business, while still having complete control over what is, and sometimes more importantly, what is not played.  In addition with an AMS computer music system you can check, and even change, the music remotely via any internet connection at any time. You can even control it all via your smartphone or tablet.

With an AMS Music, Music Video and/or Karaoke System you can relax and know that our systems are very stable, flexible and reliable.  If you want to restict staff access to the music, our systems can be configured to achieve this.

Increase Your Customer Stay Times With An AMS Music System increase your customer stay times & spend

Entertain & Captivate Them With Our Music!

Music and entertainment are the key to keeping your customers on-premise for longer which results in them spending more.  Great entertainment gets them talking, telling others and keeps them coming back.

At AMS we have a huge range of music and an unlimited number of songs on our music systems from a library of over 160,000 (and growing!), carefully selected audio, music video and karaoke tracks.  It’s not often that we are asked for something we don’t have, or can't get.  Every system has over 120+ pre-made categories & genres.  We give you the ability to schedule the lot to play when you want without touching a thing, and to manually create and generate play lists.  This means you get the right music, at the right time, when you want it.

We will consult with you to get the music mix that works best for you.  From there we will fine tune what music is on the system.  We are also happy to look at what you have at present, CD’s etc, speak to your DJ or whomever you need us to. Each audio system is delivered with at least 60,000 initial songs.  All of our new tracks are supplied direct from the record companies.

Our audio, music video and karaoke tracks are some of the highest quality in the business.  Much of our back catalogue music video tracks have had their audio re-mastered and we pride ourselves on quality.

Music Video Karaoke Systems NZ








Increase Your Customer Spend at Your Bar, Restaurant, Cafe or Hotel With AMS maximising customer spend on-premise

On-Screen Images & Commercials & Hotel Lobby Signage

Let’s face it, point of sale promotional material has been around for years.  This sort of advertising works, however the old paper and cardboard is a thing of the past.  The good news is that our software has the ability to play On-Screen Commercials and/or just images that help promote your place at your place!  In addition to our On-Screen Advertising Billboards you also get the scrolling ticker that runs along the bottom of the screen (similar to what you see on CNN/BBC with the stock quotes etc - see image below).  Using these tools you can increase your revenue by selling the space at your place!

You can use still Jpg images like photo’s or Mpg - moving commercials as seen on DVD’s or your digital camera.  AMS supplies a wide range of image templates for almost any occasion, that can be easily edited directly on our machines.  We also have a large range of images from both of the main breweries.  All of this is available to you free of charge.

For hotel lobbies and reception areas, promote whats going on at your place or display whats happening in your function rooms, with our easy to use on-screen slideshow and scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen.

On-Screen Advertising & Ticker Example.

 On screen advertising in nz







Pub Quiz Nights Exclusive AMS Quiz night capability & scorecard

AMS has developed its own pub quiz night player. the software allows you to show the most popular pub quiz night company's content on screen really easily. Best of all it also comes with our scorecard that will automatically add scores up, double scores on joker rounds etc. You can then display the results on screen with the click a single click.

AMS partnered with both Livewire and Kiwiz to deliver this exclusive offering. 

Touch Screen Music & Video Karaoke Jukebox System control via smartphones/iphones, tablets or till systems

AMS has also developed its own smartphone apps to allow you to control your AMS music system via your smartphone or tablet (Android, iPhone or Windows) easily. This is incredibly powerful including a full music search feature, play and stop etc as well as creating music playlists.

Our software is also touch screen capable.  This can be achieved in two ways.  You can access our software via your POS till screens or we can supply a touch screen dedicated for the music system. 

Two Music Video Outputs On a single music system NZ two music video outputs on a single system

Our music video systems support two video outputs along with another audio only output. This means you can have three zones all at once all on the one system. You could have use this feature for two different music video channels or maybe a dedicated ads channel, a music video channel and a further audio only channel on a single system!

The best new of all is that this costs you nothing extra! Just another reason why we reckon AMS provides the Best Value For Money Music Systems In NZ!

Two Music Video Outputs On a single music system NZ put your logo on your screens

While our competitors are busy promoting themselves on your screens only AMS allow you to have your logo on-screen over the video's just like the TV stations watermark but better - see below.  Your logo would be where ours is.

Control Your Music Video System New Zealand








Increase Your Customer Stay Times With An AMS Music System unlimited music updates

Music updates are not limited to 'x' number of tracks per month, or a chosen 'style' (ie, you don't only get one update disc per month of say, rock or pop songs).  Our monthly/quarterly music updates are extensive, basically you get everything new that we've added since your last update.  Only AMS deliver UNLIMITED updates.

Karaoke Music Systems In NZ karaoke

AMS’s software delivers Karaoke.  Karaoke is very similar to music videos in that there is an on-screen video that plays the words and the audio to go with it.  The graphics are super smooth and all AMS Karaoke systems come with over 15,000 Karaoke tracks.  

Karaoke Screen shot. 


 Karaoke Systems In NZ







Schedule Your Music To Play When Your Want It schedule your music

If you want to have the system generate a play list at specific times of the day like, 10am - Easy Listening, 12 midday – Jazz etc, then this can be set up to automatically happen at the right time.  AMS’s music scheduling and play list generation is incredibly powerful.  You can create a play list and avoid playing the same artist and/or song in a set time frame like 1 hour.

Access Our Music Video Systems Via The Internet remote access to your ams system via the internet

Because our music systems are connected to the internet you also have full remote access to the music computer from almost any internet connected device in the world, including your laptop, iPhone, iTouch or Android phone.  With this remote access you can fully control your AMS Music System as if you were there, and of course check that what you want being played, is being played.

DJ Controlled Video Music System dj controllers

DJ’s have specific requirements that aren’t used when using the system for day to day background music.  AMS Music Systems can deliver for the most demanding DJ.

Control The Volume of Our Music & Video Systems maintaining a consistent volume level

CD’s and the like differ in volume level from song to song/CD to CD.  The same applies to most MP3 players.  This means you have to adjust the volume of your amplifier regularly.  All AMS Music & Music Video Systems come with a compressor and limiter built into our software.  This means the volume is always kept at a constant level - similar to most radio stations.  The only time you turn it up or down is to adjust the sound level you want at the time.

Log The Music Played On Your Music & Video System what's been played? logging

To ensure your staff are playing the music they should be the system keeps daily logs of every song ever played and the time it was played.  The logs can be e-mailed to you.

Search For Music On Your AMS Music System easy music search

Searching for songs or an album couldn't be easier.  You can search by title, artist or album or part of either.  In the example below we have typed in ‘Rolling’ everything in the system with ‘Rolling’ in will appear in the search window.  Once you have found what you want simply drag and drop the track into the play list to have it play.  You can also use the 120+ categories to choose songs from.  Easy.

Search For Music In NZ

Quality Computer Hardware msuci & Video Systems NZ quality computer hardware

At AMS we use, recommend, lease ONLY quality HP computers and hardware.  This is simply because we get the back up and service from HP we expect for our customers.  As a result you can expect your music PC to be reliable, if there are any issues, we'll swap it out!

Music,  Karaoke & Video Systems NZ music licensing

Due to licensing regulation from One Music NZ we cannot outright sell you the music we have, we lease it to you.  We typically lease the computer hardware too.   

Regardless of who you get your music from, be it an MSP (Music Service Provider) like AMS, CD's or Sky you still need to hold a Public Performance Licence from  One Music NZ

Control The Volume of Our Music & Video Systems multiple zones

If you have more than one area (zone) in a premise that you require different music for, like upstairs and downstairs, no problem! You can have up to 4 zones on one PC at no extra cost!

Why Choose AMS For Your Music System made the right choice?

You get our exclusive guarantee: If within 30 days of installation of your new AMS Computer Music Video System you are not completely satisfied, we will remove the system and void your contract.  That's how confident we are that our product can deliver!

How Dj's Can Control Our Music, Video & Karaoke Systems technical stuff & features your vj/dj will want/need

DJ's & VJ's have requirements that are not used day to day for background music.  Our Music & Video Systems deliver with some of the most advanced features available, many of which are exclusive to an AMS Music & Video System.

Automated beat mixing you can rely on and trust with quality, accurate, professional results.

  • Songs can be randomized and still achieve phase-mixed automated beat mixing at an appropriate mix-length.
  • Slider range options (+/- 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 & 100%). Time-scale right down to stationary and up to double-speed!
  • High-quality Time-scaling produces clean mixes and allows mixes with large differences in BPM.
  • The BPM is stored in the song file at 4 and a half decimal places for a high level of accuracy (e.g. 130.89209) plus there is one BPM for intro and outro for best accuracy.
  • Optional click-seekable mix overview progress bar.
  • BPM columns in all list areas and both BPM native & adjusted displayed in deck.
  • Intelligent volume management during auto beat mixes.
  • Mix lengths are not simply a fixed, set duration. They are in fact dynamic per song combination.
  • Maintain or restore tempo beat mixing modes.
  • Match A-B BPM control for manual beat mixing.
  • The professional format of the files (songs) will allow instant play and seeking of music video's or audio in a deck, including backwards play, time-scaling from 0% to 200% (stationary to double-speed), pitch-shifting and scratching (even including all at once, which allows things like key-changing).


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