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1. See You Again Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth
2. Lay Me Down Sam Smith
3. FourFiveSeconds Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney
4. Sugar Maroon 5
5. Uptown Funk Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars
6. Cheerleader OMI
7. Bills Lunchmoney Lewis
8. Lean On Major Lazer, MO & DJ Snake
9. Love Me Like You Do Ellie Goulding
10. Earned It The Weeknd

Wellington Party Hire Jukebox Music System Auckland party hire jukebox, digital music systems 

Looking for a digital jukebox computer music system for your Auckland party, wedding or birthday party? 

At AMS Auckland Jukebox Party Hire we will provide you with everything you need for excellent sound and music at your party.  This includes a computer, CD Player, speakers and mixer (for the volume adjustments), in a nicely presented box.  This is covered in a special carpet.  We'll deliver the digital jukebox music system to your venue at no additional cost, spend some time showing you how to use it, and then leave you to it for the night!  We'll even pick it up the same night or the next day if that suits you better - though we reckon you'll love it so much you'll want to keep it! - you can't sorry. You can see some of the pictures of the equipment here. Of course if you need assistance at anytime we are always at the end of the phone.

We only use professional grade equipment.  This benefits you, our customer, in many ways but most of all it gives us both the assurance that it's less likely to break down.  We have spare equipment and other back up equipment on hand just in case!  You can trust us with the entertainment at your function.  See some of the questions that you should ask any potential jukebox or computer music system operator before you hire them.

Unlike the old fashioned style jukeboxes, our computer music systems use software which mixes the tracks together and so you won't have gaps between the songs.  In fact it's just like the radio without the commercials! You get a huge range of music with over 60,000 songs on every system, the speakers are great quality and our music systems are really easy to use.  AMS supply computer music systems nationwide throughout New Zealand to some of the best bars, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels so you know you'll be getting the same quality they demand and much of the music they have too.  We can even supply lights or recommend a good place to get them from if we don't have what you require.

In addition to our Hospitality and Retail music systems we've had 20 years experience in the industry doing mobile disco's, that experience has gone into designing a great digital music system loaded with all the music you could possibly want for an awesome party, without the expense of having to hire the DJ to go with it!

Want to know if we have the song(s) you want for your party?  You can search our music database here.

Every computer jukebox music system comes with over 120+ pre-made categories/genres of music and over 60,000 songs!


Book your digital jukebox music system for your party now and get lighting included FREE!

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Karaoke Music Systems In NZ karaoke

AMS’s software delivers Karaoke.  Karaoke is very similar to music videos in that there is an on-screen video that plays the words and the audio to go with it.  The graphics are super smooth and all AMS Karaoke systems come with over 15,000 Karaoke tracks.  

Karaoke Screenshot. This is what the lyrics will look like on-screen

Karaoke Systems In NZ







Search For Music On Your AMS Music System easy music search

Searching for songs or an album couldn't be easier.  You can search by title, artist or album or part of either.  In the example below we have typed in ‘Rolling’ everything in the system with ‘Rolling’ in will appear in the search window.  Once you have found what you want simply drag and drop the track into the play list to have it play.  You can also use the 120+ categories to choose songs from.  Easy.

Search For Music In NZ


Quality Computer Hardware msuci & Video Systems NZ quality computer hardware

At AMS we use ONLY quality HP computers and hardware.  This is simply because we get the back up and service from HP we expect for our customers.  As a result you can expect your music system to be reliable.


Questions To Ask Party Hire Companies In Wellingtion NZ what to ask a potential party hire, jukebox or music system company


pricing questions

What are the charges? 

Get a fixed price and if you are not sure on a finish time make sure you have a quote for extra hours. 

Are there additional travel charges?

Do they charge extra to set up in the afternoon or when it's convenient for you?

What we do at Automated Music Systems Party Hire:

We will give you a fixed quote for the night.

In most cases we do not charge for extra hours, to set up in the afternoon or for traveling charges.  When you confirm your function with us we will back this up in writing.

We do not require a deposit.  We simply ask that if for any reason you need to cancel or postpone the Jukebox Digital Music System for your event that you let us know as soon as you do.  Taking a deposit does not, in our opinion, make anyone or any other service provider any more likely to turn up on the day.  It's just one more hassle, one more payment etc.  We have not let one customer down since we started business in 1986.  Consumers Institute recommends deposits should be no more than 10-15% of the total fee.


Quality Computer Hardware msuci & Video Systems NZ equipment questions

Many music system companies use PC's or Laptops for their music these days.  This is simply because it's a far better way of delivering excellent quality sound without CD's or records jumping, skipping etc.  The downside is that computers can crash . . . ouch!


Do they use professional equipment specifically made for the purpose?  Do they have a back up...just in case?

Do they have a cordless microphone available and lighting?

What we do at Automated Music Systems Party Hire:

We use only purpose made equipment and quality HP/Compaq PC's.  To avoid any issues with a computer failure we have spare equipment available always!  We also have two other back up plans....touch wood none have been brought into effect yet!

At AMS Party Hire we use music software specifically designed for the purpose.  The music we have is, in most cases, taken from CD most of which are provided directly from the record companies.  This means you won't get awful sound, or something that sounds like it's been downloaded.

We can also supply a cordless microphone and lighting.


Increase Your Customer Stay Times With An AMS Music System music

Music can make or break a night.  It's imperative that any potential music system has the tracks you require.  Are there any particular songs that you want as part of your night?  Is there a theme for the night?

Ask what sort of music selection they have?  Ask to see the list.

What we do at Automated Music Systems Party Hire:

We make sure that we have sourced any music you require before the night.  If there are specific songs you would like that we don't have, we will endeavor to get them for you.  All systems come with at least 60,000 songs.  With our knowledge of the NZ music scene for more than 20 years and a large customer base nationwide you can be rest assured we have the tunes you will want for your party.

To search the AMS music database of over 160,000 songs click here


Bar, Restaurant, Cafe Jukebox Music & Video Systems In NZ pictures of our hire music systems for Auckland

Each music system comes with a PC, mixer for the volume, iPod or MP3 player input lead (via the headphone socket on your device) & speakers.  Our Jukebox Digital Music Systems are all you need for a great party in Auckland. Please note the images shown of the systems may differ slightly from what you can see below.

Music System Party Hire Auckland NZ  Auckland NZ Party Hire Music System

book your digital jukebox music system for your party now and get lighting included free!


call glen on auckland 09 379 9925 or 021 744 476